Swimming Pool Construction

At Swim Tech Pools we specialize in quality pool installation as well as top notch service!

Our staff will guide you through every step of the process with personalized attention, helping you to customize your pool to your preference while giving experienced input on such things as placement and landscaping ideas. At Swim Tech, we know that your backyard is your pride and joy, so we work to decrease construction time.

Below are examples of the phases of construction. This process, from start to finish, should take from 2-4 days.


The first phase of construction your excavation. This marks day 1 of construction


Phase 2 of construction commences with erecting the pool walls. Steel walls (above) will be erected the day after excavation, while concrete walls (below) may be erected same day or next day due to the fact that they must be left overnight to dry.


To give your liner a smooth and soft, yet firm bottom we install a sand base at the bottom of your pool. Sand will be delivered the morning of day 2 and the sand base will be installed that same day.


A vinyl liner of your choice will be installed on the same day or the day after the sand base is installed.


In the last phase of construction your pool will be backfilled (consisting of filling and smoothing dirt around the walls of the pool, making your pool level with the ground), and the finishing touches will be put on your pool. These finishing touches allow a pathway for circulation in your pool, thus allowing us to start your filtration system and run your pool, as well as installation of accessories such as rails, ladders, and diving boards. At this point your pool installation is complete. This phase commences as soon as you have raised the water level in your pool (often times the next day), though backfilling around the walls can be done sooner.


Our service doesn’t stop after your installation. At swimtech we work closely with quality landscaping and construction companies that will be happy to provide your backyard with a menagerie of beautiful brickwork, trees and plants, waterfalls and other poolside additions just to name a few. The list goes on!

Contact Swim Tech Pools today and get the backyard you’ve always dreamed of!