A backyard involves many aspects, including landscaping! When creating your own personal backyard escape, landscaping is one of the many elements of pool ownership that will turn your ordinary yard into a place that will draw both your family and your guests. Landscaping is a key element that can really make a difference between an ordinary pool and a tremendous escape from the daily grind!


We can work with you to develop a landscaping design to enhance your pool and the overall aesthetic appeal of your home –

Evergreen shrubs
Colorful annuals and perennials
Plants to accent and fill-in
Accent Lighting to enhance the landscape
Water Features such as waterfalls, sheer descents, & fountains

Designing the right combination of height, color and coverage is the key to building a landscaping package that will truly accentuate your backyard escape.

Not sure if you’ll like what you’ve designed? Are you having a hard time judging from just a drafted piece of paper? Let us walk you through your new backyard with our powerful Pool Studio 3D software. Take a stroll across your new lawn, swim in your newly designed pool, walk around your shrubbery and take in the view and feel of your new property, as designed by you!

Let Swim Tech Pools complete your backyard with a complete landscaping package.

Want to see what your backyard would look like at night with lighting? Maybe you’re interested in what the view would look like from your new deck, before your build it? With the power of Pool Studio 3D let us bring your backyard vision to life in real time 3D, and take a virtual tour of your ideas.

To complete your backyard oasis, Swim Tech can offer a complete package that includes a landscape plan to suit your taste and budget.

One of the latest trends for in-ground poolscapes is the Sheer Decent. Like the traditional waterfall, it gives the sound of nature, but is more of a steady stream. See more poolscape photos in our gallery.

A Retaining Wall is sometimes required to insure the integrity of your pool walls for the many years to come. Here we had a difficult application, but transformed it into a beautiful addition to the poolscape.