A poolscape is a fully integrated pool environment that includes not only the water, but also a full array of add-ons, accessories, landscaping, furniture and more. The idea is to broaden the concept of your swimming pool into more than just swimming.

Today’s pool owners are taking full advantage of the investment they’ve made by adding a variety of options that allow them to enjoy their new lifestyle as pool owners.

Below are some examples of items you can use to create a fully integrated poolscape.



Swim Tech carries a full line of Filters. Speak to a representative for assistance in choosing the correct filter for your pool needs.



Extend your swimming season with the addition of a Jandy Laars Heater. Available with either a natural gas or propane hook-up, a heater can be added to any existing pool, as well as with a new pool installation.



Swim Tech carries a wide range of chemicals to keep your water chemistry perfect and clear up any problems that may arise. Contact our knowledgable staff for the proper product for your pool needs. Our educated Technicians can also come to your home and chemically adjust your pool water to clear up any lingering problems you may have. Ask about our special reduced price chemical packages.



AquaCal is the world’s largest manufacturer of Heat Pumps and Swim Tech carries their AeroTemp Heat Pumps with a titanium Heat Exchanger. Their patented water management system heats water faster, more effeciently, and the Heat Exchanger comes with a lifetime warranty.



SR Smith manufactures quality slides, ladders and hand rails for pools.